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How is it possible to access company information in Slovenia?

You may access company information on the official Slovenian Business Register website maintained by the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES). AJPES manages the Slovenian Business Register as a central public database on all business entities, their subsidiaries, and other organization segments located in Slovenia which perform profitable or non-profitable activities.

Slovenian Business Register is available at and has an English version as regards its search system. Online registration (free of charge) is required in order to access the information from the Slovenian Business Register. Logging in as an anonymous user without providing any personal data is also possible, however, such registration limits the functionalities of the portal and its applications. Slovenian Business Register contains official information and documents on companies whereby majority of information from the Slovenian Business Register are available also in English. Publicly accessible documents are available in their original language. Regular extract from the business register may be acquired online also in English.

What company information is publicly available in Slovenia?

In Slovenian Business register the following information are available: Basic information about the entity (status of registration; date of registration, registration number, tax number, name, abbreviated name, share capital, registered office, business address, organizational form, type and number of shares, type of supervisory authority); Information on partners/shareholders and their equity interests in a limited liability company; Information on authorized representatives; Information on Members of the Supervisory Board, Information on decisions passed on the General Meeting (date of meeting and type of decision e.g. change of articles of association); some other miscellaneous matters (e.g. merger/division of company; encumbrances over the shares in llc, etc); main business activity, some contact information. Also, the bank account details of the entity may be seen in eRTR application and information on beneficial owners is also available (beneficial owners are entered in the register of beneficial owners accessible through RDL application). Further, annual reports of entities for the last three years are available in the original language (accessible through JOLP application). Certain company documents (such as articles of association) are also accessible online.

In the Register of non-possessory liens and sized movable property which is also maintained by AJPES (available online through the eRZPP application at, information on non-possessory liens over the entity’s assets may be seen (however, it shall be noted that liens on only certain types of movable assets are subject to registration).

Publication of decisions and documents issued in insolvency proceedings are publicly available on AJPES at (in Slovenian language only) and also other mandatory public announcements may be accessed on AJPES website (, all above through the ePRS, eINSOLV, and eOBJAVE applications at

Which company documents are available in Slovenia?

In the Slovenian Business Register you have access to the Extract from the commercial/court register for particular entity which includes official information on the company (which may generally be relied upon; official extract which can be effectively used shall be notarized by the Slovenian notary public). Current as well as historic information and extracts are available.

Furthermore, constitutional documents are available (e.g. articles of association/statute/deed on establishment etc) – their most recent version as well as all the previous versions. Also some other documents regarding the entities may be accessed (e.g. documentation linked to mergers, divisions, winding-up; these are documents which must be published according to the mandatory Slovenian laws). We refer also to our previous response in this regard.

All the above information and documents are available free of charge (subject to registration).

What other company-related information is available in Slovenia?

You can find free information regarding trademarks, patents, designs and geographical indications in the information databases of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (podatkovne baze Urada Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino) available online at, which also has an English version.

Information about the real properties (including ownership, registered encumbrances over the real properties, easements) are available in the the Slovenian land register (zemljiška knjiga) available online at However, to access the relevant information, one shall have the ID numbers of the real property (plot number and cadastral community). Copies of the documents from the land register may only be requested from the court if legal interest can be evidenced. Some details about the real properties are also available at the geodetic data registers and information databases of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (zbirke prostorskih podatkov Geodetske uprave Republike Slovenije) available online at which also has an English version (however, application for public view of real properties’ details is only available in Slovenian language).

Some further information on the entities and their business may be found at the public registers and lists of the Slovenian Environment Agency (registri in seznami Agencije za okolje in prostor) including the emissions register, environmental permits registers, IED register and Seveso register which available online at and

Is it possible in Slovenia to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives?

There is no public access to information on pending litigation. A party may ask particular court to confirm whether certain entity is a party to a pending litigation, however, legal interest has to be evidenced to obtain such information.

Otherwise, the courts (each for itself) publish on their websites the schedules of the hearings (which are not necessarily up-to-date) and in such public announcements the names of the parties involved and the claimed amounts may be seen.

Judgements are however public and often published by the Supreme court (whereby when published the names of the parties are anonymized; search is possible in Slovenian language only). Copies of the judgements may be requested also according to the Public Information Access Act (in such case the confidential and personal data in the judgement are blackened).

There are some Slovenian companies specializing in research on other companies (and also making credit assessments). These companies mainly follow official publications and acquire information on potential pending litigations from public sources.

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