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How is it possible to access company information in Algeria?

In Algeria, company information is generally available from the National Center of Trade Register (Centre National du Registre du Commerce – CNRC, The CNRC is a government agency responsible for maintaining the national database of companies operating in Algeria. The database includes information about company name, address, legal status, shareholders, directors, and other related information.

The website provides access to basic information about companies, including their legal status, address, and main activity. For more detailed information, you may need to submit a formal request to the CNRC, creating an account and paying for the corresponding fees. The process is cumbersome and not always successful when conducted from outside the country without a local account or card. Additionally, there may be limitations on the type and amount of information that can be obtained, particularly with regards to sensitive or confidential information.

Alternatively, you can request a local lawyer in Algeria to assist you with obtaining company information.

Is it possible to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives in Algeria?

In principal, this is possible. In general, court proceedings in Algeria are public, and the court files can be accessed by any interested person, subject to certain restrictions and limitations. Information on pending litigation is available at the court where the case is being heard.

There is no centralized online database in Algeria that provides comprehensive information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives. However, some court records and judgments may be available on the websites of individual courts or published in the Official Gazette of the Algerian Republic (Journal Officiel de la République Algérienne or JORA).

In practice, the only viable and cost-effective access is through a lawyer.

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