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How to access information on a company in Uruguay?

There are two ways to access information in Uruguay.

Regarding “company information”, Public Registry of Commerce office is the government body providing certain information available from Companies in Uruguay.

The “Auditoria Interna de la Nación” is the Companies Government Controlling Office which provides information of Financial Statements when Companies have ordinary activity income of more than USD 3,500,000 annually.

What type of documents may be obtained in Uruguay?

As documents are granted by Official office, the Certificate of Good Standing of Company is valid as public certificate.

No articles of incorporation, annual reports, amendments, merger, and withdrawal documents may be obtained through the Commerce Public Registry Office.

Only in the case of LLC, articles of Incorporation and amendments are available by special request at the Commerce Public Registry office.

Regarding Corporations, Shareholders Agreements are available if the Company and/or Shareholders request its registration for its effectiveness against third parties.

What other company-related information is available in Uruguay?

It is possible to get information regarding “general seizure warrants” over individuals and companies through a simple request to “Public Register Inhibitions Office”.

It is also possible to get seizure warrant of security measures (pledges and mortgages) on company and individual assets in case those assets are identified previously at each State Property Registry Office.

This information is available at reasonable cost, but Notary participation and assistance might be needed when requesting specific assets (characteristics, locations, description, etc.).

What type of entity information is publicly available in Uruguay?

The following company information in Uruguay is available:

  • the Certificate of Good Standing of a Company, the Directors and Company representatives and LLC members information, are publicly available by request to Commerce Public Registry. Corporation Shareholders and Beneficial Ownership are not publicly available.
    To a file a request you need the Tax ID Number called “RUT” and Company name.
  • financial Statements from Companies are also available from Companies in case of they have income of more than USD 3,700,000 annually.
    This information is filed at “Auditoria Interna de la Nación”, Controlling Government Office.!ut/p/a1/hY7JDoIwFEW_xQVb-kCG6q6CYRAXxkShGwOmFgxSUhB-30rcmDi83b05J_chilJEm3yoeN5XosnrZ6bOCe82VhhYZowPpg3EM9bY3fsGYFMBmQLgyxH45x8RnRAvIKHlJsqxsAmRvwp9d7EFiJwX8GMiRpTXopjezUhTzDFHVLILk0zqd6nqsu_bbqmBBuM46uwsuirXheQafFJK0fUofSdRe0vhatdDQmazB9avrlg!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

All information referenced above is available for anyone searching at a reasonable cost. In case certified copies are needed, it is suggested Notary participation with its usual fees and costs.

Is it possible to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders, or legal representatives in Uruguay?

It is possible to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders, or legal representatives, by simple request at Judicial Central Office in Montevideo with complete name of the person or Company name.

There are no costs to get such information, however legal fees will be incurred to get such information.

Available information will depend on the type of case. No criminal cases are available to public.

As a matter of principle, all civil, commercial, labor and family legal proceedings are public (with public access to all pleadings, motions, judgments).

When a “seizure warrant” is granted by the tribunal and up until it is executed, the proceeding is confidential. After the seizure is executed, the proceeding becomes public.

By principle, information regarding pending arbitration proceedings is not public. Only when the prevailing party seeks to have a court confirm or vacate an arbitration award can it possibly be found through a records search.

It is recommended that potential litigants request attorneys licensed in Uruguay assistance on searching company information as well as legal proceedings related to individuals and/or Companies.

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