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How is it possible to get access to company information in Egypt?

It is possible to get access to any information that is available to the public or interested parties by going in person to the Egyptian General Authority for Investment (“GAFI”). In addition, the Egyptian government has set up an online facility to provide access to this information. This is done through one of two websites: “Digital Egypt” (, and the website of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (

These websites provide access to information in various sectors and aspects, including the “commercial registry” section, which provides access to the “commercial registry” of companies.

The mechanism for using the first website is to use the company’s registration number or tax number to access its commercial register. You need to then insert the kind of company under Egyptian law and the city where the company is located.

The second website, however, is much simpler as it does not necessarily require the registration number, but the name of the company. If the name of the company is written in the same way as it was registered, one shall have access to its commercial register.

Both websites require the creation of a user account before using their services, and these accounts must be created by Egyptian citizens as the national ID number is required for registration.

The first website is only available in Arabic. The second, however, is available in both Arabic and English.

The following information is also publicly available:

  1. the Egyptian Stock Exchange (“EGX”): If a company is listed on the EGX, information about it can be obtained from the exchange's website ( and other international stock websites like:, including financial statements, shareholding structure, and other relevant details.
  2. the Central Bank of Egypt: The Central Bank of Egypt maintains a database of all licensed banks operating in the country, including information on their ownership, branches, and financial performance
  3. the Trademarks Department: The Trademarks Department maintains a database of all registered trademarks which can be consulted by any person wishing to inquire about a registered trademark
  4. Egyptian Patent Office: The Egyptian Patent Office maintains a database of all registered patents inside Egypt, and it is also linked to the WIPO database. You can search for any patent or owner through their website:

However, most of the information available in the above-mentioned institutions is only available to the concerned parties and not to the public.

What company information is publicly available in Egypt?

The following information is available to the public:

the Commercial Register of a company is available for the public to obtain an extract from. This commercial register contains basic information about the company, such as the registration number and date, the official company name, the type of the company, the address of the registered office, names of the partners (if the target is a partnership company) or directors, their place and date of birth, nationality, signature, and powers. It also contains the type of business in which the company is engaged and the purpose of the company, the date of the commencement of business and the duration of the company’s business license, the addresses of its branches, if any, the name of the branch manager(s) or agent, date of birth and nationality. In addition to all of the above, the Register will show the company’s share capital and the registration number of any trademarks or patents. In addition, there are a number of exceptions, including any agreements, where they exist, which provide for the liquidation of the company, any judgments or orders for the attachment of the assets of the company, any judgments or orders for bankruptcy or insolvency, any judgments or orders for the revocation of any of the above, the sale of the business premises and any actions for the removal of a director or partner of the company or for the winding-up of the company

the articles of association of the company including all its information, whether financial, incorporation, or managerial are present here. This document is available to the public through the Commercial Registry; however, practically it cannot be obtained by any irrelevant person

patents owned by a company can be checked through the above-mentioned website of the Egyptian Patent Office

registered trademarks owned by a company can be accessed through the Trademarks Department. The department publishes registered trademarks and industrial designs on its website:

financial information: If a company is listed on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), its financial statements, such as its balance sheet and profit and loss statement, are publicly available. The EGX regularly publishes disclosure reports on listed companies at the following link:

ownership structure: Information on the company’s ownership structure, including the names of its shareholders and their shareholdings, is publicly available. However, it may be difficult to obtain as the authorities (e.g., GAFI and the Commercial Registry) are reluctant to provide such information to persons lacking the capacity to do so

registration with the e-invoice system: Registration with the e-invoice system has become mandatory for the recognition of the taxpayer’s costs and expenses and any invoice issued by a supplier who is not registered with the e-invoice system cannot be recognized. Therefore, the Tax Authority allows any person to search about any supplier whether it is in the e-invoice system or not, through this website:

What company documents are available in Egypt?

As mentioned above, it is possible to obtain an extract from the Commercial Register. This provides access to the company’s basic and primary information. Its price currently ranges between EGP 130 to 230.

In addition, the company’s Articles of Association are published in the GAFI gazette upon incorporation and a copy is sent to the Commercial Registry. According to the Companies Law, any person can obtain a copy of the Articles of Association from the Commercial Registry. However, this may be difficult to obtain as the authorities (e.g., GAFI and Commercial Registry) are reluctant to provide such information to a person lacking capacity.

What other company-related information is available in Egypt?

In addition to the information, I mentioned in my previous answers, there is other company-related information that is available in Egypt, such as:

  1. market information: Information about the industries and markets in which a company operates, including market trends, competition, and the regulatory environment, can be obtained from various sources such as industry reports, trade associations, and online databases
  2. management information: Information about a company’s management, including their names, backgrounds, and experience, is publicly available. This information can be obtained from the company's website, annual reports, and online business databases
  3. news and press releases: Information about a company's latest developments, such as new products or services, partnerships, and financial results, can be found through news articles, press releases, and the company's own website
  4. customer feedback and reviews: Customer feedback and reviews of the company's products or services can be found on websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other review sites
  5. social media: Many companies have social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, where they provide updates on their operations and engage with customers.

It is important to note that although publicly available, the accuracy and completeness of company information in Egypt can sometimes be limited. In addition, some information, such as trade secrets and commercially sensitive information, may not be publicly available.

Is it possible in Egypt to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders, or legal representatives?

It is possible to obtain the type of judgment and sometimes the full details through the Ministry of Justice’s website. This is easily accessible but certain details are required. These are the case number, the competent court, the judicial level of the court, the type of the case, and the year in which it was initiated.

The link to the website is:

The service can be found in the “Services” section and is fully accessible to the public free of charge. However, the website is only available in Arabic and not all cases and appeals are recorded, as not all courts are yet computerized.

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