Alessandro Mazzi
  • Netherlands

EU – Distributed ledger technology – What happened in 2018

Olga Dimopoulou
  • Germany

Germany – New Packaging Act

Christophe Héry
  • France

France – Ban of online sales for distributors 

Roberto Luzi Crivellini
  • China
  • Italy

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Do it well or don’t bother

Alexander Katzendorn
  • Russia

Russia – New tax requirements for foreign IT companies

Valerio Cirimbilla
  • Italy

Italy – Flat tax for new residents

Ignacio Alonso
  • Spain

Arbitration in distribution contracts – The « IDArb »

Mercedes Clavell
  • Spain

The Residence permit in Spain through investment

Giovanni Izzo
  • Italy

Application of GDPR to hotel businesses

Agata Adamczyk
  • Poland

Poland – Non-competition obligation of LLC shareholders

Mercedes Clavell
  • Spain

Spain – Purchase of a business unit and tax liability

Milena Prisco
  • Italy

Italy – How to fund a company through cryptocurrencies

Tomas Garcia Navarro
  • Argentine

Argentina – Distribution Agreements

Berk Çektir
  • Turkey

Turkey – New Regulation on mandatory use of Turkish Lira