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How is it possible to access company information in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, company information is available from the Tunisian Commercial Registry (Registre de Commerce Tunisien – RCT), which is a public institution that manages and maintains the national database of corporations in Tunisia.

Information is, in principle, available in French and Arabic, although most documents are only available in Arabic.

The database can be accessed, and information retrieved also from abroad paying with international credit cards.

What company information is publicly available in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, company information that is publicly available generally includes the following:

  1. Company name and legal status, registered office address
  2. Business activity or purpose
  3. Names and identities of shareholders and directors
  4. Company registration number
  5. Date of registration
  6. Financial statements, including balance sheets and income statements (not always publicly available)
  7. Annual reports (not always publicly available)

Certain information, such as financial statements and annual reports, may not be publicly available or may require a formal request to the RCT or other government agencies.

Is it possible to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives in Tunisia?

In principle, it is possible to obtain such information in Tunisia. Court proceedings in Tunisia are mostly public, and the court files can be accessed by any interested person, subject to certain restrictions and limitations. In practice, however, only lawyers can access court files.

Alternatively, you can search for information on pending litigation through the Tunisian Commercial Registry website (see above). The RCT does not provide detailed information on pending litigation, but it may include information about the legal status of a company, which can indicate if the company is involved in any ongoing litigation or legal disputes.

It is generally not possible to obtain information on pending litigation online. Although the Tunisian court system has been modernized and digitized in recent years, access to court records and proceedings is still largely limited to physical copies and in-person visits to the courts, almost exclusively for lawyers.

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