It started here

To search a lawyer overseas does not need to be complicated.

Legalmondo was born to make it easy, smart and fast to find, and to work with, the right lawyer worldwide.

Our Lawyers

Legalmondo is an invite-only platform: our members are selected lawyers from around the world, who are experts in a certain field of practice.

Team work

Small and medium-sized teams of very talented people can accomplish extraordinary things and run circles around large teams of normal people.” (Steve Jobs)

We are building a group of very talented people.

We look for team players, who share our values: integrity, empathy, problem solving.

We are not in a rush to grow, as these people are hard to find.

If you are a businessman, we are here to provide you peace of mind in doing your business world wide.

If you are a lawyer and believe you would fit well in our group, get in touch and we’ll be happy to consider your application

Technology is here to stay

It’s never been easier to communicate and collaborate with people, no matter where they are, any time.

But still, to most people, when it comes to legal services nothing good can come from the web.

We want to change that perception and be the place where businesses can work with a trusted lawyer wherever they need one.

Our name

Legalmondo = Legal+Mondo (world, in Italian).

We wanted to find a new term which would represent what we do (legal services) and our goal (to make it easy to work with the right lawyer worldwide).

The domain name was available and when we tested it people seemed to like it, so Legalmondo it was.


It started with a lawyer (Roberto) and a physicist (Marco) and now we are a tight group of four dedicated to running the project.

Legalmondo is owned by 71 Consulting S.r.l., located in Verona (Italy).


“Don’t try to be the next. Instead try to be the other, the changer, the new” (Seth Godin)

We are not in competition with any association, alliance of law firms or referral network.

We want to be different, innovate, change the status quo.

Curious? Try us.

Save our Planet

Last but not least.

Time is running out fast for the Planet and Legalmondo can, and should, have an impact out there.

We will do this by supporting people who are struggling for a good cause.

“Mondo” is in our name for a reason.