About us

A platform of international legal services, present in more than 60 Countries with 153 independent lawyers, specialized in international contracts, cross-border investments, IP protection, litigation and in advising companies with international operations.

What problems we solve

Companies with international operations need to work with several lawyers in different countries, with long response times, communication difficulties, cultural differences, and often high costs.

Why work with Legalmondo

We offer the company operating on international markets a single point of reference, able to support the entrepreneur in the management of all its business worldwide.
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Our Services

The long term legal service allows the Client to follow the activity of the company worldwide with a single point of contact. We also handle assignments relating to individual activities, such as investments, M&A, consultancy on contracts or litigation.

More questions?

Check out our FAQ and see who our lawyers are, how we are different, how we work and what services we provide to our clients