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How is it possible to access company information in Israel?

In Israel companies' registration files and some of the corporate governance documents are managed under the Registrar of Companies, in the Israeli Corporations Authority under the Ministry of Justice. Most of basic information It is available also online at:

The initial interface of said website is available also in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and French, However the actual search engine is only in Hebrew as well as the substance of the corporate extract & materials (unless materials were actively submitted by a company in another language).

What company information is publicly available in Israel?

There are two categories of information, free information such as company number, name, type, (limited or not) legal status, address, purpose, description, annual fee debts if any, whether the company has been declared in breach or violation of the law (mainly on technical matters).

The additional category (available for a fee of 15€) provides the possibility to view a full company extract, that includes various detailed information concerning the company, including the company history of shareholders and directors, the composition of capital, technical changes, details of current and past directors, current shareholders, banking attachments of collateral, and liens. A company is expected to provide updated information and changes to the Registrar (yet the information provided might not be the full and most updated and thus somewhat partially binding).

Which company documents are available in Israel?

The company documents available in Israel (most of which for a small fee of roughly 15 €) are:

  • the company bylaws and/or The Articles of Association
  • shareholders’ register and info regarding transfer of shares
  • information of current and past directors
  • technical changes and annual "technical" report
  • liens and banking attachments of collateral.

What other company-related information is available in Israel?

Under the website of the Registrar of Companies, there is also a subsection that is updated daily, and provides information as to dissolvement or liquidation procedures of companies, see:

Additionally, liquidation information is available under the website of the National Insolvency and Fiscal Rehabilitation Supervisor (the equivalent to what used to be the national "Official Receiver")

The National Land Registry (relevant to certain types of land), is publicly available, but does not enable search of ownership by entity.

The Israeli Patents Office enables Trademarks Search enabling also search by entity see:

Is it possible in Israel to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives?

The online judicial case management system is publicly available to the public but for basic information only (case number, parties, sum of lawsuit, main holdings), but does NOT enable search by entity.

*There are also commercial companies that are able to provide some further information on companies or individuals for certain cots, but those are beyond the scope of this questionnaire.

Kindly consider the above insight as a general simplified overview only and does not constitute or substitute adequate legal advice and may not be relied upon for legal matters or conduct.

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