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How is it possible to access company information in Brazil?

Legal entities are required to be registered before the Commercial Registry of each State of Brazil. Such Commercial Registries are regulated by each State Government but are subject to Federal Legislation and rules issued by DREI – Departamento Nacional de Registro Empresarial e Integração. Such Federal Governmental Authority, under the branch of the Economy Ministry, is in charge of the norms and regulations for the integration of State Commercial Registries in Brazil.

Therefore, company information is public and accessible in each State via its State Commercial Registry.

In São Paulo State, you may access information on companies, free of charge, online at:

For Rio de Janeiro State, you may access information on companies online at:

Unfortunately, the websites and all its information are in Portuguese language only. Other States have their own websites, and the web address with links you may be found at:

What company information is publicly available in Brazil?

Commercial Registries must keep and make available either automatically of via special petition in each State a brief summary or extract of the main information of the legal entities of its State, containing the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Tax ID
  • State Commercial Registry ID
  • Date of incorporation
  • Purpose (economic activities developed)
  • Amount of capital subscribed, paid or not
  • Distribution of capital

Also, name and full qualification, with address of:

  • Quotaholders
  • Partners
  • Statutory directors and officers

All publicly available information is deemed binding.

Which company documents are available in Brazil?

Commercial Registries file and archive digital copies of the following documents that may be obtained online and sometimes via especial petitions:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Appointments and removals of directors and officers
  • Balance Sheets – if companies are required by law to register
  • Minutes of the meetings of companies and or general assemblies of corporations
  • Any other required by law

What other company-related information is available in Brazil?

Credit information on companies can be accessed in Brazil via specific credit protection companies. This service is charged by such companies but you will receive information about any credits that remain unpaid, amounts due, name of creditors, name and basic information on partners, bankruptcy, and other commercial and debt related matters.

Intellectual Property matters information may be found at INPI website. The service is free of charge:

Real Estate registry is local but there is a website that offers a paid service of real estate search by Tax identification number (CNPJ or CPF) and it works in the majority of Brazilian state

Is it possible in Brazil to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives?

Yes, the Judicial System in Brazil has publicity of its procedures as a general basic principle. Only a few exceptions are protected under the scrutiny and discretion of the presiding Judge.

There are two main forms of information access:

  1. online access to the procedure files. Some basic information on the procedure is open to the public but licensed attorneys have access to the full content of the procedure files;
  2. certificate of pending files against a person or entity. Any person may ask a Court to issue a certificate of pending procedures against a person or Entity. Some Courts may charge for such document.

It is customary in Brazil due diligence prior to the purchase of real estate that the buyer asks for Certificates from Civil, Federal, Labor and Tax Procedures from the seller and its associated business and partner/spouse.

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