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How is it possible to access company information in Cyprus?

Company information is available from the Companies Section of Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property in Greek, Turkish and English:

Some very basic information i.e. names of officers, registered address, incorporation date, incorporation number are available for free. More detailed information is available if one proceeds with an online search which costs 10 euros

Some basic information may be obtained with regard to winding up procedures from the website of the Insolvency Services. The information may be obtained for free and is available only in Greek.

What company information is publicly available in Cyprus?

The following details about a company are publicly available through the website the Companies Section of Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property

  1. basic company information (including company type, name, registration number, registration date, registered office address etc.)
  2. the company status (for example, registered, struck off, dissolved etc.)
  3. part of transaction filing
  4. images of documents
  5. previous and dissolved names search
  6. date of drafting of annual returns filed
  7. name of current officers

Additional information may be obtained by anyone through an online search upon payment of the fee of 10 euros:

  1. full transaction filing
  2. images of documents
  3. officer searching
  4. current and resigned officers
  5. current and resigned registered shareholders
  6. mortgage charge data

Basic information on winding up procedures many also be obtained for free

Which company documents are available in Cyprus?

The documents which are available (and may be downloaded) if one performs an online search of a company’s file include:

  • scanned copy of the company’s rules (memorandum and articles of association)
  • scanned copy of forms notifying registered shareholders and details of share transactions (transfers)
  • scanned copy of forms notifying changes to the capital (allotments, consolidations/splits etc.)
  • scanned copy of forms notifying details of directors and company secretary and any changes thereof
  • scanned copies of annual returns and relevant audited financial statements • scanned copies of any resolutions filed
  • scanned copies of any forms notifying registration, amendment or assignment of charges/mortgages and scanned copies of any document evidencing such charges/mortgages and or any settlement or change of ownership of a charge/mortgage • scanned copies forms notifying debentures containing charges • scanned copies forms notifying the appointment of a receiver/receiver-manager, accounts of receipts and payments, cessation of receiver/manager, filing statement as to the affairs, • scanned copy of form applying for strike off and withdrawal of such application
  • scanned copy of form for acquisition of own shares
  • scanned copy of from for cross border merger
  • scanned copies of forms relevant to redomiciliation of registered office to and out of the Republic of Cyprus, issuing of relevant certificate
  • scanned copies of forms relevant to registration of branches of overseas companies, authorised persons, changes to information filed with regard to overseas companies, charges, mortgages, debentrues relevant to overseas companies etc
  • scanned copies of forms relevant to a European Company (Societas Europaea or SE)

The following certificates may be obtained in Greek or English upon payment of applicable fee as indicated below. Such certificates are official and rely on the information notified by the company:

  • certified copy of incorporation certificate - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certified copy of the company’s rules (memorandum and articles of association)
  • certificate of shareholders - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certificate of officers (directors& secretary) - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certificate of registered officer - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certificate of capital - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certificate of charges/mortgages - €20 (for expedient service €40)
  • certificate of settlement of charges/mortgages - €20 (for expedient service €40)

Certain certificates are available in relation to European Companies or overseas companies with a branch in Cyprus.

What other company-related information is available in Cyprus?

Intellectual Property (Trade Marks, Patents and Registered Designs) Information

Information about the ownership of intellectual property rights can be obtained from the Intellectual Property Section of Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property in Greek and English:

Insolvency Procedures

Information on insolvency procedures may be obtained for free from the website of the Insolvency Service. Information is available only in Greek.

Real Estate (Property) Information

Information about the ownership of real estate is available to the company through the website of the Department of Land Registry Such information is not publicly available and cannot be obtained by another person. A person who has obtain a court judgement against a company may proceed to search for any real estate and if any real estate is identified as being registered in the name of the said company, such person may proceed to file a memorandum over the real estate which has the effect of an encumbrance.

Is it possible to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives?

There is no easy way to search for pending litigation in Cyprus as there is no publicly available record.

It is common practice to seek disclosure of pending litigation during pre-transaction due diligence if buying a company or a business in Cyprus.

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