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How is it possible to access company information in the Netherlands?

The website of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is and has an English version as regards its search system (but most documents are in Dutch). It contains information and documents on companies registered in the Netherlands (company information such as the official address, directors and proxy holders, sole shareholders and – depending on the size and type of the company – annual accounts or a brief published balance sheet).

What company information is publicly available in the Netherlands?

The above. You will however have to register and create an account to purchase any of the information above, none of it is free.

What other company-related information is available in the Netherlands?

You can find free information regarding trademarks, brands, patents, designs and geographical indications on the website of the Benelux trademark register, which also has an English version.

Is it possible in the Netherlands to obtain information on pending litigation against a company, its shareholders or legal representatives?

No, not really. Only if you know the names of both parties involved and know at which court a civil claim is pending, you might be able to get general status information through the courtcase register (that can only be consulted by lawyers). Judgements are however public and often published on or will (if you know the parties involved) in general be sent to any party interested at its request by the court that rendered the judgement.

There are some Dutch companies specializing in research on other companies, such as Credentify. These companies mainly focus on finding out whether there are any means of redress for claims.

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