Nils Döhler

  • Estate planning
  • Financing and securities
  • M&A
  • Procurements and constructions
  • Real estate
  • Spain
City: Barcelona
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Nils Döhler is a highly resolute, versatile and adaptable lawyer.

His areas of specialization are Real Estate and Urban Planning; Mortgage and Construction; Financing and Guarantees; Civil Law and International Inheritance & Inheritance.

His recognized educational background at Universities of Osnabrück and Cologne (Germany), second state examination and Rechtsanwalt in Berlin, Master in Business Law (MADE) by the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and Spanish Lawyer since 2007, make him a multicultural lawyer able to connect with the internationality and global needs of his clients.

Nils has a great team spirit, desire to improve and a good knowledge of the sector in which he specializes on, that’s why he is part of the following associations: Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona; Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin; DAV – Deutscher Anwaltverein (National Association of German Lawyers); ARGE – Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bau- und Immobilienrecht (Working Group on Urban and Real Estate Law); DVEV – Vereinigung für Erbrecht und Vermögensnachfolge e.V. (Association for Succession and Estate Planning Law).

Nils is active in marketing strategies around his profession and as a result, he is part of AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers – has been Member of the Executive Committee 2013-2016 and President of the Real Estate Commission 2012-2015. Currently he is a National Representative of AIJA in Spain (2018-2019).

He has wide experience in the following sectors: Institutional and Private Real Estate Investment (Family Office), Private Clients and Financial Institutions.

Nils is always up to the needs of the market, he attends, among others, to international fairs and different events, national and international, connects with the indicated sectors and their environment. Furthermore, as a German lawyer based in Barcelona, he is a member of -KDF – Kreis Deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte (German-speaking Executive Circle) to promote the connection of German-speaking markets with Spain and vice versa.

Among his awards are Who is Who Legal Real Estate 2016, 2017 and 2018: one of the greatest experts in Spanish Real Estate Law.

Nils is a native German speaker and is fluent in Spanish and English.

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