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Louis Verstraeten is a Belgian business lawyer specializing in advice and litigation for domestic and international business contracts, international trade, transport, logistics and insolvency related matters.

Louis was admitted to the Antwerp Bar in 1996 as attorney-at-law [advocaat], after graduating cum laude in Leuven, and having studied in Namur and Münster, Westfalen, Germany.  He is a partner since 2009 with the law firm Astrea, a +40 lawyers firm in Brussels and Antwerp.

As an insolvency lawyer, Louis is experienced in representing creditor or debtor interests. He is independent in his relations to financial institutions and bankruptcy receivers. Louis assisted many start-ups and established corporations through a successful restructuring, either out-of-court or under the protection of a moratorium granted by the courts.

He is a weathered litigator – representing clients in all three language areas in Belgium – in attachments and seizures of assets and claims, including the enforcement of domestic and international judicial decisions.

He is a member of INSOL EUROPE and was an active member of AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers), where he was president of the Insolvency law commission.  He is frequent speaker on topics of insolvency and international business contracts.

Louis is a Dutch native speaker and fluent in French, German, English and also Italian.

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