Richard Samuel

  • Arbitraje
  • Derecho Internacional Privado
  • Reclamación de deudas
  • Reino Unido
Ciudad: Londres
Contenuto disponibile in: 简体中文, Italiano, English

Richard Samuel is a barrister of twenty years’ experience practicing from 3 Hare Court Chambers in London. He is specialised in the arbitration and litigation of commercial contracts and corporate disputes, particularly those relating to the financial services sector or involving the complication of insolvency. Many of the disputes in which he advises and acts as advocate are international.

Richard had the privilege, from which a young advocate developing his practice at the English common law Bar benefits, of years spent in the criminal and civil courts, every day of the week, arguing cases. He is now a top-graded advocacy trainer for Middle Temple, one of the four Inns of Court in London. In 2012 he co-founded the International Advocacy Academy (IAA), a non-profit which trains international practitioners in evidence-taking and advocacy across cultural divides in arbitrations.

Alongside his practice at the English Bar, Richard is now retained by Fulbrook Capital Management LLC, based in New York City, to source and assess international disputes which would benefit from funding.

Richard speaks French, Italian and German conversationally. He is an alumnus of AIJA (International Young Lawyers Association) and is now vice chair of the International Arbitration Committee of the ABA’s Section of International Law.

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