Benjamin Leventhal

  • Arbitraje
  • Derecho Internacional Privado
  • Derecho Societario
  • Israel
Ciudad: Tel Aviv
Contenuto disponibile in: 简体中文, Italiano, English

Adv. Benjamin Leventhal represents clients in litigation and arbitration legal disputes in all court instances in Israel and domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

Benjamin is a partner at SGL Siegel-Goldshmidt & Leventhal and head of litigation in the firm. His  fields of expertise are commercial, civil and administrative litigation, and domestic and international arbitration, with vast experience in contractual disputes, tenders, franchises, corporations, partnerships, contractors, representation of foreign entities sued in Israel and suing on their behalf, representation in appeal procedures and defendants in class actions.

Benjamin holds a LLM in commercial law (Tel Aviv University).

He presides as ethics disciplinary judge in the national disciplinary court of the Israeli Bar, he is a registered arbitrator in the Arbitration Institute of the Israeli Bar, member of the executive committee of AIJA (Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats) and vice president of the arbitration commission.

He speaks Hebrew and English.

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