Mohammad Rahmani

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City: Teheran
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Mohammad Rahmani is an Attorney at Law and a Member of Iranian Bar Association. He has presented legal opinions regarding international commercial law; provided consultations regarding participation in tenders and national and international macro investment; consulted governmental and private organizations and companies regarding the Iranian law; attended in meetings and negotiation with contract parties in order to settle and arbitrate disputes.

He has the experience of representing many cases before judicial and administrative courts of Iran on behalf of natural and legal entities with respect to real estate, financial and non-financial claims, commercial deeds, labour law disputes, arbitration and administration court of justice.

He is currently the head of Board of Directors and a partner at Bayan Emrooz International Law Firm.

He acquired an LLB in Judicial Law from Islamic Azad University of Zanjan in 1996 and an LLM in Private Law from Central Branch of Tehran’s Islamic Azad University in 1999. He is currently studying International Business Law at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran.

Mohammad also published a book on the Iranian Laws and Regulations on Lands. Furthermore, he has taught the LLB courses in Takestan Branch of Islamic Azad University and Payam-e-Noor University of Boeenzahra.

Content also available in: Italiano

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