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In today’s interconnected world, companies large and small have an ever-increasing need to conduct business across borders. Whether procuring capital, technology, know-how or product from business partners abroad, or setting up distribution channels or a commercial presence in foreign markets, today’s small and medium enterprise (SME) has to confront a myriad of commercial, legal and cultural challenges and barriers in going international.

Qualified advisors in foreign jurisdictions can be indispensable for today’s SME to manage issues ranging from undue exposure to litigation and third party liability for products sold, the granting of excessive rights to distributors, agents and other business partners and unintended tax inefficiencies and compliance issues under rules and regulation in foreign markets.

Legalmondo is a platform of independent advisors from over 30 countries who are experienced specifically in the issues facing the SME as it operates across borders. Legalmondo was created by a core team of lawyers across its coverage area who have worked together for years.

As we have found that SMEs and their local advisors often have difficulty in identifying appropriate legal support abroad, Legalmondo’s mission is to bring its network to the SME to allow for the efficient and effective management of the commercial, legal and cultural challenges that await the SME as it goes international.

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